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On Stike Day 2! The Holler is on a 5 day strike for more $60/year sustaining members

We're 74 sustainers away from 200! Sign up here to help and comment with what you want to see in the next year.

Video Transcript

Hi friends! 

This will be quick because I’m rushing to open up my dive bar right now after turning the last neon out at 3:30 AM. 

It’s day two of The Holler’s 5-day strike for more $60/year paid subscribers and I’m pretty happy about it. Yesterday, 9 of you signed up as sustaining members bringing the total to 124 sustainers. 

That also means we’re 76 sustaining members from reaching 200 which would be a major milestone for this newsletter. Please sign up now for just $60/year ($5/mo) to help us get there. 

You won’t notice that in the budget and you’ll be funding pro-working-class education and entertainment that reaches 100,000 or more people per week.  

And that’s the reason I care about making this thing work. If you’ll entertain a mini-rant right now. 

The radical right-wing of our politics has invested in their own media for decades. Now they dominate it. Sinclair owned TV stations, talk radio, Fox news, Dan Bongino, and an army of Facebook trolls. They’re so dominant that in a single eight-month period in one state, they ran 4,000 articles about CRT alone. They made up an issue and put it at the top of voter's lists in a matter of months. 

The people who want to shift all money and power to a handful of billionaires own the airwaves right now, and because of it are able to carry out their agenda even from the political minority, which it looks like they won’t be in for long. 

This tiny newsletter isn’t an answer to the right-wing machine. But small independent media islands headquartered in Appalachia and focused on working-class education and entertainment have value. Especially now.

You’ve helped us stick around a year. Help us stick around for another one by signing up at $60/year right now. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

The Holler
The Holler
John Russell