On strike day 3! Help fight back against billionaire media.

The Holler is on day 3 of a 5 day strike for more $60/year sustaining memberships.

Holler strike day three!

Hello everybody. The Holler is on a five-day strike for more $60/year paid subscriptions to keep the content coming for another year. And it is working. Y'all are stepping up.

Five new sustaining members joined yesterday bringing our total to 129 paid members out of over 3,800 total subscribers.

THANK YOU! Your support is helping independent media stick around. The point of The Holler is to cast stones on billionaires and their agenda while raising class consciousness among people that have to work for a living and doing that in a fun, accessible way that is shareable and can have a broad reach.

Shareable. Broad reach.

That should be the point of any legacy media, in my humble opinion. But more and more legacy media is under the influence of a small handful of people that run the country for themselves.

Fight billionaire media. Support the Holler for $60/year today.

So we should make our own media and inject that into the mainstream, using whatever props possible (waves tiny hand with tiny mic). Big business conservatives have done that for decades. And it's one of the reasons why they're so powerful right now.

So help fight back! If you liked the content that we put out. You want to keep it coming, and you want an easy way to personally help that effort. Join the 129 people sustaining The Holler right now for $60 bucks a year.

You'll spend more on bad coffee this year, I promise. We're going to have a good time making important content. So have a good weekend! Thank you, and I will see you tomorrow.

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