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On Strike! The Holler is on a 5 day strike for more paid subscriptions

We have 115 paid sustainers. Help us get to 200!

Video Transcript

Hi, everybody! I just got my mullet done. Like that? It's looking good.

Exciting announcement! The Holler is on strike for more $60/year paid subscriptions. For everybody keeping track at home, that is $5/month—a measly $5. And you can find the subscribe button all over this email.

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Every day for the next five days, I'm going to send out an email asking for more paid subscriptions, and talk about the next things that are going to happen in the year The Holler since last week marked our one-year anniversary. Thank you, by the way, so much for keeping me around.

We have 115 paid subscribers out of 3,827 total subscribers. And if we got 16 new paid subscribers every week for the next year, we would be on track to stick around over the long term. So help us out, please, and be an independent media sustainer today.

I want to cover lots of stuff in the next year for The Holler. I'll rattle off some, but I'd love to hear suggestions in the comments. So pop down there and make it happen.

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Where to start? There are the midterms. Yikes. The Ohio Senate race that's going to be all over the news, the endless grift that is JD Vance. We're going to talk about that a lot.

We'll keep tabs on the radical right as well as billionaires and the insane wealth gap. Labor organizing and education will be in there too. Lots of books to read through and I think I'm going to do book reviews.

We'll dig into some Appalachian think tank reports. Lots of good stuff there. I'm pretty excited about doing man-on-the-street interviews with this tiny hand and a microphone.

So this is your part. Head to the comments and tell me what you want to see from this newsletter. Or just say “hi, sick mullet. Keep up the good work. You're my favorite.” That kind of stuff.

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And don't forget to kick us five bucks a month independent media can't happen without that and I would love to keep putting the good stuff out. So help us out please and thank you. Bye!

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