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Strike for paid members! Please become a sustainer and keep The Holler growing

We need 25 new paid members over this weekend. This is a quick email about why you should subscribe for $60/year ($5/month)

Hi folks!

This will be quick. I have to pick up a 14-hour bartending shift in 10 minutes to help keep this project going.

Speaking of which, please become a sustaining member of The Holler for $60/year ($5/month) by clicking the button below right now.

The attached video is me camping out at my local Starbucks to help workers learn more about joining the Starbucks union movement right here in the Ohio Valley.

Most significant policies we have came from a mass organized working class, and now more than ever is the time to rekindle the labor movement.

The Holler exists to cover and participate in that movement. That’s what your sustaining membership goes toward. Please sign up to support The Holler right now for less than the price of a monthly Starbucks run!

I’ll be sending more fundraising emails over the next few days. We need 25 new paid subscribers this month to keep growing. So please join now and help fund things like this Starbucks activism and more things we’ll revisit over the weekend!

And by the way, join the labor movement where you are, and adopt a Starbucks store HERE.

Solidarity, and talk soon!


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