The Holler is based in the Upper Ohio Valley where OH, WV, and PA meet. It’s for rednecks and hippies worldwide.


The Holler is Appalachian-based independent media for a fed-up working class. 

We lift up rank-and-file union organizing and call out the super-rich. We get people ready for big political ideas with short, funny, plain-spoken videos. We’re from the Upper Ohio Valley and make videos about politics for rednecks and hippies everywhere.

Videos are free on all @heyjohnrussell social media accounts. Subscribers to The Holler newsletter get access to video transcripts with linked sources, a community comment space, and occasional bonus content. New editions are roughly weekly.

The Holler is Rated-R for bad words and innuendo, so hide the kids and don’t tell mother. For kinder, gentler news and analysis, read a paper. They’re dying.

Send us tips/stories you want to see to heyjohnrussell@gmail.com or write them on the back of a Wheeling Island Casino chip and mail it to me.

The Holler is proudly biased. We think working people make the country run and deserve nice things. Those who run afoul of the working class will be mocked without mercy.

We’re an independent media channel that is funded by you, and that’s who we work for. We exist to chew on the ass of the powerful and have fun doing it. Be a local media mogul and subscribe today to keep us on the case!

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  1. People that think Bill Clinton is hot, but also a bad person.

  2. Rednecks and hippies.

  3. If “rust” comes before a reference to your community.

  4. If you like that Toby Keith song about 9/11 but know it’s ridiculous.

  5. Liberals.

  6. People that don’t like liberals.

  7. Steelers fans.

  8. Browns fans.

  9. Women, men, people.

  10. Serious business types who haven’t told their co-workers about that time at Jambo.

  11. My personal enemies (you know who you are).  

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John Russell

About The Author

John Russell was born and raised in Wellsville, OH (WHS Class of 2009, Go Tigers!). Between then and now John picked up an Agricultural Science degree, farmed produce for seven seasons, and ran a side business grinding tree stumps in central Ohio. He also ran for State Representative and Congress (lost badly both times), and worked for a major presidential campaign advising rural policy and engagement.

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Class politics for rednecks and hippies. Based in the Upper Ohio Valley. Written by dive bartender @heyjohnrussell


Rumpled leftist dive bartender in rust belt Appalachia. Class consciousness there.