I've lived in Belmont county my whole life- I'm 24. I remember when the fracking industry came to the area when I was in middle/high school and all the buzz about the prosperity that it would bring to the valley... Here we are years later, few have profited, and those who have have only made a minuscule fraction compared to the industry profits. The study you linked to is the first I've heard about research on local pollution levels and the impacts on health, and I feel sick about it. Please share more resources/info you might have- I want to organize.

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John, great stuff both on fracking and Jimbo. I free-subscribed to try it out, after Meryl Nieman, OPAL, recommended during David Pepper's Blue Ohio, Virtual Brown Bag Lunch a while ago. (Got all that? It's gets better.)

I'm one of the leads in the Democrats Abroad Ohio Team (aka Ohioans Abroad, Fbk group). We've had David on one web event; building up to one with the Supremes (judges :-)) on July 10. More candidates to come after that, till end September. (Our ballot drop is Sept 24, and then vols will be calling/writing/whatever with in-state groups for the 'home run.' Generally, we reach out to our in-state fellow Buckeyes, to help energize our abroad Buckeyes, mutually support, share issues, etc.

You'll likely be hearing more from us. Thanks!

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