Interesting take. From a class consciousness perspective, Trump is the working man's president and the America First agenda is the way. My economic outlook was also shaped by the decay of the Rust Belt. I understand about jobs going overseas. Immigration is the same thing: job theft. It's classist to demonize protectionism as racist. Some might say it is racist against working class whites.

I don't get into the white identity politics, though I am sympathetic. I'm a Jewish man. I was born with enemies on both sides of the aisle. In my eyes, the Left is more anti-Semitic, anti-me. Just as leftist teachers radicalize kids against white people, teaching racial hate with ancestral slavery guilt, so too do the agitators poison students against me as an alleged oppressor of lovebirds and "Palestinians." It's Socialist doctrine: divide and conquer. The DSA is doing that, not billionaires. The Socialist enemy within has their own billionaires: Soros, Dorsey, and so on.

I see the Left seizing the mantle of racial tolerance. Not so fast. AOC cried when the Iron Dome was refinanced and danced when she was accused of funding the Fourth Reich. Not everyone in the DSA hates Jews. Many went along with BDS, just as the majority of German citizens went along with the Nazis. I think the comparison is fair this time. Berkely Law now has "Zionist Free Zones." That is straight out of Nazi Germany and so is social justice warrior Jonathan Greenblatt.

The attitude is very Antifa. There were Chinese Americans protesting at the capitol on January 6, but they didn't go in. They fled communism and don't want to go back to it, so they supported Trump. Are they white supremacists? Do they deserve a beating for rejecting Socialism.and backing Trump?

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