It is unfortunate that you spent so much time on the perceived “welfare Queen” trope.

Many people, rich and poor, are experiencing a poverty of spirit that’s not always the fault of the overclass, and dismissing this poverty as punching down merely continues the dissolution of our individual agency, something our corporate state desires greatly.

The problems we are experiencing are beyond left and right, and this garbage about party politics in the US is missing the much bigger picture; a picture that Oliver Anthony sees much better than you, ‘Commie’.

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I wrote a response song to “Rich Men North Of Richmond” that tries to name some of the villains you mentioned. Billy Bragg had also written a response song, “Rich Men Earning North of a Million.” He pointed out that complaining about poverty with no idea about what to do about it leaves us stuck. Below is my own interpretation, emphasizing class war, not culture war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4JUJ02ISXc

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I feel you mate, but I also feel like folks on the internet (sadly mostly Biden Brigade shitlibs and MSM zombies by my estimation, but that’s just me) rushed to denounce this guy as the latest “ermGERD tRuMP iS HitLEr” jerkoff meme that has become characteristic of “the Left” bc it’s all about removing roadblocks to corpofascists like Biden.

The rich assholes who own the mill don’t give a Fuck where the grist comes from, as long as they sell ads and get return on their propagandist shills. Just like how Rachel M. is free to lie her ass off in defense of fascism as long as she pretends to oppose The Orange One. All hail Dear Leader Biden when he’s not molesting kids or telling stupid racist stories that never happened.

Let’s debate “welfare queens” later, and focus on the Oliver’s real points now. Jus sayin.

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