A very good way to reach people from the working class for sure. Or at least those who grew up in a working class, middle-class home environment.

Needing a $1,000.000.00 to be happy is a reason to keep going... I guess. Of course in todays market that puts us right where we were 70 years ago. Working hard , having attained college because it was still affordable on a middle -class family wage, and working as a teacher for a state that paid the best wage. It was $6,100.00 for a year in California in 1968. Then the rent I paid was $45.00 a month in a warm studio apt.in an elderly woman’s home. My second year of teaching I bought a brand new VW beetle for $1,900.00.

Sold it the next year to a father to give to his son and got him to pay its’ initial cost because it had little mileage on it.

None of us were needing a million dollars to feel free and independent.

Needing to see the world I joined the most prestigious international airline at the time and spent many many years seeing the world. What a wonderful lesson in culture diversity. I literally had the world on a string. No million dollars needed.

I am sad today at what needing a million dollars has done to human beings in America. Greatly sad.

Be very careful of your needs.... suddenly a trillion dollars looks like it is just ahead in the road. Looking back in your rear view mirror you’ll see the corpse of those who were run over by others’ greed.

Oh oh, too late.

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Actually it's distributism, not controlled by the state, but hey, nuance is the spice of life. Love your work, John. Will sub up as soon as I shift some funds around. Alas, not owning all the means of production just yet.

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