Who needs conspiracy theories when you have reality?

RFK Jr, the Q-crowd, and their massive whiff on the truth.

John’s Journal

This is where I hastily scribble about what’s going on. May include righteous anger and typos.

By the time you read this, I’ll be at a wedding, nearly in Canada. Speaking of Canada….

It’s uhhh, on fire. My window in the Ohio Valley is filled with rolling hills. Most of them are obscured by smoke right now. It burns your eyes while you lay awake in bed at night.

My apartment is 100 yards from Interstate 70. Main Street separates my apartment from the highway. 30,000 cars pass down Main daily (in a town of 1,500).

There’s a small bakery on Main right outside my window. A girl and her dad stood outside selling lemonade to no one. We were the third sale in a few hours.

It was as Norman Rockwell as it was Blade Runner.

So uh, hear me out - we should all quit our jobs… or at least slow down a whole lot… or something. I mean it sounds ridiculous, but you should hear what happens if we stay the course. Here’s an outlook from six years ago.

And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of things to do that don’t torch the only rock we can live on.

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Reality is so much stranger than conspiracy theories, and it's what drives me nuts about RFK Jr, and QAnon, and Joe Rogan and his "free thinking" audience.

They are so close. They're like...

"There's a group of the richest most powerful people in the world. They're concentrating their power, buying off politicians, and working together to.... track you using tiny computers in the vaccine."

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! (so close)

Y'all know about Dupont?

They put a chemical in your blood that causes six diseases, mostly cancer, and it's in the blood of 99.7% of people on Earth. They invented this chemical. They put it in their worker’s cigarettes and found out that it was really bad. They knew it never breaks down in nature. They saw other companies stop producing it, and they kept going. And, they dumped millions of pounds of it into the Ohio River. Into the drinking water.

And now it's in your blood! Now it's in everybody's blood.

Did anyone go to jail for this?

No. No. Actually, DuPont still exists, which is wild. That's wild.

And it's incredibly profitable. They made $6 billion last year in profits.

Opioid companies!

The family that made Oxycontin raked in $10 billion off of it. One family, one company, one drug $10 billion in profit, and they knew it was addictive. They knew it was killing people.

Opioid overdoses killed 71,238 Americans last year, which is 22,000 more Americans than died in Vietnam and nobody's gone to jail. Real story. No imagination required.

Big Tobacco! They knew it was addictive and killed people. They hired doctors and scientists to say that it wasn't and it didn't.

Killed millions. Made billions. No jail. And do you know how profitable Big Tobacco is today?

More profitable than Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, General Mills, and Starbucks combined. True story.

People are cooking under a record heat dome in Texas and choking on smoke in the Midwest from Canada being on fire. Canada. Being on fire.

Exxon knew its products would cause this in the 70s. They hired scientists to deny it, bought politicians... we know more about it today than ever and we're approving drilling permits at record paces. Real story. Didn't have to make it up.

But millions of people pass all of that shit up and choose to believe that the world's most powerful people gather bi-weekly at the DoubleTree to consume the blood of children.

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The Holler
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