I just finished reading the doomsday article 😱 Thanks for sharing this. It's very informative and very frightening. I've shared it because people need a reality check.

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I quit everything and turned my life over to subsistence farming.

Do join me. I could do with some help.


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John, I agree. My Presidential campaign is about exposing many of these companies and attempting to move citizens to their own power. Though I can appreciate your humor and the attitude about the conspiracy theories of times gone by, none of those conspiracy theories directly resulted or abetted in the shutdown of a society.

I will not speculate or try to get down on the science. However, simply telling people that a new technology that binds RNA sequence is a vaccine, is the most ignorant of communications knowing a skeptical public awaits.

The profit motives of the pharmaceutical companies sends a deep sickness into the recessed cavities of my stomach now where I thought nothing could live. The government telling me I was going to kill my grandmother and my allowance of fear to creep into my heart and BELIEVE THEM, when I KNEW a people needed rebellion, is a personal cross I will bear alone.

I saw children in Wayne County, Columbiana County, Summit County and all over Ohio in the quiet places forgotten by decades of so called experts who let those children go through something much worse than a flu. Conspiracy or not we are a nation changed. You were just on the road so I know you can feel it and sense it.

In the dusty faces of southwest farmers, undercut by meat monopolies and an inability to acquire the water needed for sustainment.

In the angry faces of Americans everyday struggling with the burdens of inflation, swinging at shadow thinking we're going to get change from an aristocracy that can't remember what it feels like to toil and bleed for a dollar.

I can see it in my own face, gaunt and bony once more, finding sleep in five hour increments, awaking to the same drive every morning to change this country obsessively typing even now with a sense of desperation I know wears on my family who must deal with a breadwinner and a man obsessed , typing obsessively into the void my truth expecting and becoming more afraid I have come to take on something I don't understand.

Maybe they are the conspiracy theories of my own head but my wife, unsure of my own decision to take on giants, must think of my candidacy with the backdrop of a Kennedy whose family has sacrificed a great deal in blood themselves.

The lockdowns were the worst mistake by a government in my lifetime and will surely be one for the history books. Though it may seem our people searching in the dark, allowing for new minstrels with peculiar beliefs, we must all seek nonetheless to find our own truth about what has transpired. That truth, as I have found it in my most basic of inquiry, IS truly stranger than fiction. We cannot be leaders of the world locking everyone down except the third world countries who it seems didn't have a pandemic at all.

As citizens of a free republic we must now all venture into uncharted waters. Commercial real estate collapses are coming with debt drunk heathens unable to abide a world changed. I believe this will be the greatest bank test in our lifetime, making 2008 look like a quick passing summer storm. The downstream effects to cities unable to adapt will be catastrophic . The effects on small business lending and ability to generate and pull capital into regions will weaken when Ohio just reaching new footing.

Anyway, I wanted to send this because as I've been on my own campaign trail I think everyone is underestimating how angry Americans are at being locked down, the economic fallout and lack of a backbone in our leadership. This anger will increase as I believe time, fog, and economic ripples begin to be made more clear. what comes from these moments is now in the peoples hands.

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We can't afford healthcare for American children because we need to keep bombing everyone else's for the love of Jesus and Israel.

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