There ain't enough water in cattle country. We're going to talk about that.
More Perfect Union and The Holler team up

February 2023

Railroaded Part Four - NTSB report day in East Palestine and my interview about it with The LeverListen now (16 min) | There's more to this than the Trump regulatory rollbacks.
Railroaded Part Three - Pressing U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson on the Norfolk Southern Disaster in East PalestineWatch now (3 min) | And how to gaslight a child - D.C. style
Railroaded - The Norfolk Southern Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio Part TwoWatch now (3 min) | Precision Scheduled Railroad and the cost of extreme profiteering
Norfolk Southern East Palestine Thread 2/14/23 Valentines Day - Railworkers, get in touch. Hey y’all, Thanks for following and sharing my coverage on the Norfolk Southern Disaster in East Palestine. Some quick updates. My coverage will…
Rail workers warned us about a preventable disaster like this.
East Palestine Train Wreck Thread Hey y’all. East Palestine is spittin’ distance from my hometown and the current city where I am. I’m headed there tomorrow to follow up with a r…

January 2023

Collective action alive and well in Trump Country
Diamonds are worthless until someone digs them out of the ground.
And, failing up: losing $200 billion to become the second richest person
When a rich dude is telling you to hate a poor dude, you know he’s scared of both of you getting together.