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People power - the only thing that's working

The one where I chase Rick from Pawn Stars through the streets of Detroit

Shocking United States Wealth Distribution

Poor scapegoats in all directions from Richmond

Leftist goes to a Trump Rally, Internet in Shambles

Watch: Outside the Trump Rally in Erie, PA - Uncovering the Surprising Truth About Class Politics.

Middle class or permanent underclass?

Socialism is better at making normal people rich.

Who needs conspiracy theories when you have reality?

Did Norfolk Southern have to blow up chemicals in East Palestine? Survey says not likely.

NTSB Hearing Eve - The Vent and Burn in East Palestine

Getting rich by slacking off

The Last Man Standing: A Cross-Country Quest to Understand Climate Change's Threat to Our Food

4,000 miles down and a lot of video to go.

On the road again. The Holler goes to California with Pulitzer Prize winner Art Cullen.

When The Smoke Clears: a short documentary on the Norfolk Southern disaster.

Railroaded Part Four - NTSB report day in East Palestine and my interview about it with The Lever

Railroaded Part Three - Pressing U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson on the Norfolk Southern Disaster in East Palestine

Railroaded - The Norfolk Southern Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio Part Two

Norfolk Southern East Palestine Thread 2/14/23 Valentines Day - Railworkers, get in touch.

Railroaded. The Norfolk Southern Disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Part One.

East Palestine Train Wreck Thread

Small town solidarity

Where does wealth come from?

This place should be richer than Saudi Arabia

On defending Trump voters...

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