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On strike for more paid members! Day two.

The Holler is asking for more paid subscribers

A 13-minute interview with a 22-year railroad verteran

There are rail worker rallies all over the place tomorrow

Uncle Jeff is screaming about inflation again...

Holiday Politics Coach: when Aunt Christie is pretty sure billionaires earned their fortune.

Your generation is just jealous of success...

I was on Wisconsin political radio.

Talking to the working class. Even the nuts.

Handouts for the rich. Talking leftist politics in a small-town Appalachian bar.

Who's on your ballot, and did they poop in the Capitol?

Memes for the working class

Full interview with Secretary-Treasurer of the Amazon Labor Union

New York City teachers on union solidarity and class-conciousness in classic country music

Discussion Thread: Comment about unions here.

Shutting down Manhattan - Amazon Labor Union marches for recognition in NYC with coalition of worker-led unions

Podcast: The Columbus, OH Teachers Strike

Columbus Teachers Strike. Interview from the Picket Line on Tuesday.

Columbus Teachers On Strike! The Holler is headed out to cover.

Small towns that moved beyond fossil fuels

Shocking perspective about the shockingly wealthy.

Amazon's profit per worker. The biggest hidden welfare program in America. Perspective on men getting pregnant.

Busting myths about unions on TikTok, parts 2-4.

A crop of toks. Short tiktoks about unions, inflation, and accidentally setting people on fire in my dive bar.

Why you should become a sustaining member... coffee edition

Strike for paid members! Please become a sustainer and keep The Holler growing

Full Interview: The Holler on Status Coup News

Today at 5:30PM - John goes live on Status Coup News

Listen: The Holler talks JD Vance and Ohio senate race on Sirius XM Progress with Joe Sudbay

Frac-tured: less jobs, less income, less people in Ohio Valley 10 years into fracking boom

How to enjoy the fruits of your labor

Tuesday Talk: Vent about our political future here

Where do billionaires come from?

Fight back against billionaire-funded right-wing misinformation for 16 pennies a day

On strike day 3! Help fight back against billionaire media.

On Stike Day 2! The Holler is on a 5 day strike for more $60/year sustaining members

On Strike! The Holler is on a 5 day strike for more paid subscriptions

Highlights: A Year in Review Part 2

Should billionaires exist? A paid discussion thread.

Paid discussion: should billionaires exist?

You did it. The Holler has been around for one whole year - Part 1.

Guess what six Supreme Court Justices have in common

Unions 101: a crash course on worker power

Where do all the bad laws come from? ALEC

Amazon has a labor union

Private foundations and non-profits

The 1971 Memo That Changed America

How the super rich took ya money

Rat Tales: A Master's Degree from the School of Hard Knocks

Blue collar jobs and climate change

Wealth through the roof. Taxes through the floor.

Rat Tales: Come as you are and leave your guns at the door.

Watch: U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Interviews With The Holler

Listen: The Holler on The Appodlachia Podcast

Podcast: The Holler Talks TikTok Censorship On Sirius XM Progress With John Fugelsang

Watch: The Holler on The Hill Rising TV. TikTok Censoring The Left.

What you can do about bad politics. Part one.

Things that are bad for Democracy in 3 minutes or less.

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